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Nursery 1

Course Outline in Nursery 1


1. Share about oneself with self confidence;
2. Identify things that he/ she can do and wear by using the pronoun I and We, phrases such as this is, these are and those are;
3. Give ways to keep oneself clean and healthy;
4. Apply polite expressions to everyone properly;
5. Trace the alphabet, and the letters of their name using a pencil;
6. Sing songs related to the lesson.

I. All About Myself

1. Talking About Oneself

2. Saying Common Greetings

3. Saying Common Leave-Taking Expressions

4. Using Simple Polite Expressions

5. Naming Body Parts

5.1. using the phrases This is and These are

6. Keeping Myself Clean and Healthy

6.1. naming things done to keep oneself clean and healthy using linking verbs is and are

7. Talking About the things I can Do

7.1. Identifying the things one can do using the pronoun I

7.2. Identifying the things one can do with one’s friends using the pronoun We

8. Learning About the things I wear

8.1. using adjectives to describe the things one wears

8.2. using these are and those are


1. Enjoy tracing and coloring the given objects;
2. Identify the different lines;
3. Write the different lines properly;
4. Color the objects properly according to the given instruction; and
5. Share about their paper work activity.


1. Tracing Big and Small Circles

2. Tracing Broken Lines

3. Finishing the Lines

4. Tracing Paths

5. Different Lines

5.1. Vertical Lines

5.2. Horizontal Lines

5.3. Slant Lines

5.4. Curve Lines

5.5. Circular Lines

6. Eye/ Hand Coordination

6.1. Left to Right Movement

6.2. Up and Down


1. Tell the colors and shapes of the objects found in the environment;
2. Identify the positions and directions of an object;
3. Describe the objects in sizes, distance, weight, and length;
4. Learn the value of being honest; and
5. Participate in every given activities.


1. Colors

2. Shapes

3. Positions and Directions

3.1 above and below, on and under, inside and outside, left and right, up and down

4. Sizes, Distance, Weight, and Length

4.1 Big and small, Far and near, Light and heavy, Long and short


1. Identify the different parts of the body;
2. Give the uses in each part of the body;
3. Identify the five senses of the body;
4. Cite things that they can see, hear, smell, taste and feel;
5. Talk about the things they used;
6. Learn the value of cleanliness; and
7. Apply the good ways to keep the body clean and healthy.


1. Body outline and Body puzzle

2. Body Parts (Head, Eyes, Nose, Ears, Tongue, Arms and Hands and Legs and Feet)

3. Clean and Healthy Body

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