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Online Instructional Material

The school promotes instructional materials created by teachers to teach student about discovering, accessing and enhancing information in networked environments.

The IT department help research high quality resources that will help students to respond to the educational challenges posed by still emerging digital technologies.

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The School’s instructional program concentrates on the holistic development of a child and utilizes the recent theories of multiple intelligence, emotional intelligence, and learning styles as reference and foundation to the social learning process.

In pursuing instructional strategies toward attaining the objectives, the school has adopted both formal and in – formal modes of instructions.

It provides an updated curriculum with global orientation, rich in content and knowledge, responsive and relevant to the rapid changing world.

It adheres and utilizes varied methodologies and alternative delivery system where children can explore a variety of actual learning experiences using multisensorial materials.

These will bring lasting effect on the children’s intellectual, social, emotional, physical and spiritual development.

It creates initiatives to modernize its instructional strategies and classroom management practices by adopting.


Multimedia System of Instruction

Multi-sensorial Approach (with emphasis on students’ perceptual strengths)





Multi – Talent System of Instruction


Enrichment – Triad Approach

On its Master Developmental Plan, the school will expand its operation next school year by opening its doors for service to the grade school and high school students. Likewise, the plans to operate of Tertiary Courses, Vocational – Technical Courses, seminars and workshops and training education for local and foreign students are finalized and are deemed to operate on its first phase level, beginning school year 2008 – 2009.

In conclusion, the school affords the stimulation and enhancement for optimal development of the Children’s latent genius and potentials.


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