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My Experience in Golden Success College

My Experience in Golden Success College My school days experiences in Golden Success College is also one of the most memorable phase of my life.  When i look back at those days smile automatically comes on my face. I don’t really know weather that smiles is the […]

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My College Experience

When I was start to enter in college, I’ve encountered my first new friends in college and that friends is from my fellow I.T department and we’re just few in our department. When I was a first year student I already experience on how to disassemble and […]

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A Golden Experience

                In year 2014 it is were my starting point to experience the quality of education in Golden Success College. During my freshmen years I’m a little bit shy, I always reject their offer about the Mr. & Ms. Intramurals due […]

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Experience in Golden Success College

When I enrolled here in Golden Success College in year 2014. I have many experiences that I’ve encountered and I also learned more lessons in studying in this school. In this school there are many opportunities that you can grab even you are student to learn a […]

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My Experience in Golden Success College in 2014 – 2016

I enroll in golden success college in year 2014. my first day of school,  the president of the school was meeting of all the new students in Golden Success College. When the meeting was done, you know what? i started learning, because the  Golden Success College is […]

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