29th National Statistics Month Regional Competition




“Congratulations Golden Success College for winning the Regional Competition of the 29th National Statistic Month on October 6, 2018”

     Pursuant to President Proclamation No. 647, “Declaring the Month of October of Every Year as the National Statistics Month,” the NSM is annually observed nationwide. The NSM aims to promote, enhance, and instill awareness and appreciation of the importance and value of statistics to the different sectors of the society and elicit the cooperation and support of the general public in upgrading the quality and standards of statistics in the country.

     Golden Success College got the very first district meet award on the said event with the theme of “Exploring Philippine Wonders: Statistics Towards Sustainable Tourism Development” for winning different award such as the Grand Champion of Digital Short Film by Soreen Macunte with the help of Kent Allyson Ceballos and his coaches Mr. Ace Mari Simbajon and Mr. Lorsie, the 2nd place of the 1st Entry Poster Making (Infographics) by Danica Jade Gimena with the help of Ms. Emelyn Reyes and Ms. Melly Pradilla while for the 2nd Entry Poster Making by Andrian Gracia for being a 3rd placer of the competition with the help also of Ms. Pradilla, while the 3rd placer of the 2nd Entry Essay Writing is Ms. Leizl Presbitero entitled “Lets talk Satisticaly” with the help of Mr. Jovit R. Aleria and lastly the 2nd placer of 1st Entry Essay Writing is Ms. Shaznee Senon with the help also of Mr. Aleria.

by Soreen Macunte

Grand Champion

of Digital Short Film Making Contest

“As we make our video, we encounter lot of struggles since we have only short time to make the short film, but still we successfully finished it because of our unity. It was a great feeling that we were in the contest, representing the school. We can learn a lot from the short film and me, as a representative joining this kind of educational competition/contest can improve my skill. Despite of our struggles and sleepless night, we’re very happy that Golden Success College is one of the champion during the contest and we’re very proud to represent our school, it really shows that Goldenians are hardworking, courageous and really determine to win the competition. And of course, we can’t win this competition without the help of our coaches. Sir Ace Simbajon, Sir Lorsie Auguis ,Maam Leanni Mosqueda, Maam Sheila Bismanos, Sir Jose Marcelito Brigoli, Maam Melly Pradilla and Dr. Ma. Olga DC. Alvarez.”


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by Shaznee Lyn M. Senon

“2nd Placer (1st Entry Essay Writing)”


by Shaznee Iyn Senon

College is truly challenging, especially if your academic expectations do not match your academic performances. Not knowing the right way to deal with challenges can become a great barrier in the lives of the students. Thus, we need to be matured enough in order to survive from this chaotic world. In my case, I always make sure that my life as a student is being balanced. One way to make this possible is through traveling.
I really love traveling. This is my outlet to escape from school problems. In deciding which place to travel, I read reviews online. It has a major impact to me when deciding which place to spend my vacation. If the recommendations online are quite good, then I am certain that such place is incredible. That’s how statistics affect my lifestyle in terms of traveling. For us millennials, we plan travel activities based on the content posted by legit and reliable travel websites. The same thing I used when I went to Bantayan Island, Cebu. I read many reviews from the travelers about Bantayan and I found out that, more than 90% of their reviews were almost the same, a place synonymous to paradise. Since then, I was looking forward to go to Bantayan. Last November 2016, I had my first ever experience exploring the breath-taking island. Undeniably, it’s more fun in Cebu, Philippines. Bantayan is such a beautiful place. From its weather, crystal clear beaches to spectacular landscapes, Bantayan has a lot to offer.
Indeed, data speak for themselves and they do not lie. The online recommendations are of great help when you make your decisions. However, you should also need to be wise in choosing review online portals. I am sure, if you use statistics wisely, then great things will come next.


By Liezl Presbitero

“3rd Placer (2nd Entry Essay Writing)”


For the longest time, I’ve always proudly called Cebu City as the Queen City of the South. Almost everything that a person wants, Cebu City can provide, from its towering state of the art architectures to its modern life opportunities. Some attribute it to being one of the rising city in our country. Cebu City is one of the major cities in the Philippines that plays a major role in terms of tourism. According to Department of Tourism, in 2017, 6,620,908 foreign tourists visited the Philippines marking the unprecedented growth of the country’s tourism industry. It grew about 11% from the previous year’s arrivals of 5,967,005. Cebu remains one of the top tourist destinations not only in the Philippines but also in Asia. Being branded like that, the cost of living in this place is much higher compare to other cities. However, such branding only pave its way to stardom. This explanation never sat well with me, there has to be a story on how we were decreed as Queen City of the South.
Last month, I personally invited my friends from Bohol to have a city tour in Cebu. We had a lot of fun roaming around the city. They were amazed on the different tourist spots in Cebu especially Temple of Leah, the Taj Mahal of Cebu. They were stunned on the beauty of the place as it is located on top of the city. They certainly in consensus with the brand name given to Cebu City being the Queen City of the South.
Truly, statistics affects the branding of one’s place. One may use statistics in promoting the beauty of such abode. The number of tourists in Cebu City speaks a lot where spectacular and great things may surprise you.





“2nd Place of 1st Entry Poster Making (Infographics) by Danica Jade Gemina”


by Danica Jade Gemina

“It was October 3, 2018 back when I was called to proceed on the library at exactly 3pm by Ms. Melly Pradilla. I’m not really having why she address me to come in that place. Not until when she informed me that I should be part of a competition that is going to be happened by October 4, 2018. A day after they informed me I was totally shocked but then I’ll honestly say that I was overwhelmed to be one who will be part of that competition, out of all the other students who’m I know also have the guts.
They informed me on what to do. I should make an essay about tourism here in our country. The tittle of the competition is My Kwentong Statistics. This is a Regional Competition headed by the officials of the NSA to celebrate our country’s 29th National Statistic Month.
At night which is October 3, 2018 I made my piece of searching and came up ton an idea that I’ll going to spend and expose the beauty of an aesthetic found have in Cebu City, Philippines. Before my part I was really nervous, my hands were like dipped into the colds, I was a bit totally freaking out but with the supports of my friends and teachers those were vanished.
By time was called to present my piece, I mean to read it in front of the crowd, I am confident. Gained the guts to face and read. After reading it, I heard round of applause and the thing that got me the most when the host commented “Wow, well delivered”. I was just amused. This is the biggest competition I had so far and also one of my life triumphs. I was announced to be the 2nd placer of this category and God knows how much I am thankful for this.”


3rd Place of 2nd Entry Poster Making by Adrian E. Gracia


by Adrian E. Gracia


“Ang Cebu ay isa sa mga tinatawag na “Famous” pagdating sa mag babakasyon na parang paraiso ang ganda ng mga tanawin. karamihan sa mga dayuhan gusto nila overwhelming views na tiyak na maeenjoy sila. Kabilang na dito ang Kawasan falls of badian, Whale shark sa Oslob, Malapascua Island sa south at Virgin Island of Bantayan sa north at marami pang iba. Ito ang pinupuntahan ng mga karahiman.
Bukod sa mga magagandang tanawin hindi rin magpapatalo ang masasarap na pagkain sa cebu, katulad ng Lechon baboy na originated sa Talisay city of Cebu. Ito ang Famous and Specialty ng Cebu.”


        The Philippine Island is an archipelagic country, with 7107 islands. There are lots of tourist spots and tourist destinations all over 17 regions of the Philippines, from regions of Luzon down to Mindanao which anyone can visit and experience anytime. Indeed, the Philippines is a beautiful place to stay, unwind and relax. Tourism plays an important role in the economic development of the Philippines. If Philippine tourism will continue to prosper, the country will receive lots of benefits that can be generated by this.

        Statistics is a branch of Mathematics dealing with the collection, analysis, interpretation and presentation of masses and numerical data. It is becoming the background of Philippine tourism. Statistics provides ample amount of data such as the number of visitors that visited places in the Philippines. Ofcourse, if you knew that a lot of people have gone to that place and had a lot of great reviews and feedbacks from people then you will be encourage and you will have the urge to explore the place yourself for experience. Also, we are living in a millennial generation wherein people’s kind of leisure time is to travel from place to place. That is where statistics became so helpful. Statistics guides people to have an effective and right choice to opt for places to visit, stay and have some fun.

        Statistics is not just about numbers, computations and graphs. It has deeper meaning, and it is about our realization and appreciation behind every presentation of data. When there is statistics, there is hope that we can make everything possible and better regardless of it’s complexity and simplicity.

        “Ali namo sa Pinas! Daghang maanindot nga talan’awon, Di jud mo mapakyas.”


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