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Golden Success Academy

At its initial phase, the school (also known as Golden Success Academy) opens it portal to preschool courses school year 2007 – 2008, beginning with 25 pupils, who eventually will compose the first batch of grade school graduates in school year 2014.

Golden Success College, Inc. is school of curious delight with homey and safe environment, innovative, and holistic system of instruction. It has a dynamic culture that drives for excellence just like any other schools do.

The school believes that each child is a unique social being and his own timetable of learning, endowed with multiple intelligence’s who can maximize his potentials to the fullest in a school dynamic environment. It further believes that every child has its own voyage a discovery and development, as well as growing process and the school extends responsible care to help develop the latent genius of his being; it draws the learning interest of each child and ensures efficient learning with Christian values within.

The institution has adopted a holistic, innovative, creative and dynamic system of instruction. It lays its foundation in life-long learning process creativity and rational thinking.

Its ultimate aim, is the formation of a total person with emphasis on Christian values, the acquisition of knowledge and skills in the pursuit of academic excellence, the propagation of Filipino Heritage, the promotion of social awareness, develops the child into functionally literate, socially and morally responsible, self propelling and contributing individual and to become effective leader able to make decisions which will prepare him to tackle to a more complex demands of future life.

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